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This repo holds special and exclusive content of darkened mods for the world of BuufJuiced.

BuufJuiced-DarkWeb Icons - 4.2

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BuufJuiced - DarkWeb Icons

Back in the ModMyi day we had a great community that was all about sharing and private mods. In order to stimulate users and honour te ones that still do, we have decided to take our existing darkened packs out of the normal repo and put them all in a new one.

I will add a whitelist with users that helped the BuufJuiced theme in the past and in the present. They made the theme in to what is today.

Other VIP and VIP+ users that are in my Discord server will also have an option to gain acces to this special repo. When they contribute to our cause to also will gain the limited BuufJuiced-DarkWeb role and hence acces to the repo.

Not all people can mod or for example create icons, but we have team members to can actually teach you to do so.

But when you are an asset for our theme we will give acces to the growing packages inside this new repo.


31 new icons that were requested by our VIP discord members