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This repo holds special and exclusive content of darkened mods for the world of BuufJuiced.

Settings Avatar - ipad Girl - 1

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Settings Avatar:

This mod will put a large Avatar on top the settings (you can modify the pic)

Before you start, note that tis can harm your device if you mess up. So be warned...

1 - Close Settings app from Multitask

2 - After installation there will be a few things installed in thislocation: /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/PreferencesUI.framework/

3 - Use Filza and navigate to what is stated in line - 2

4 - When you re-open the settings app the modded icon should be there.


Issue 1:

So a few of us have issues with a border line on the left side and/or with the enlarged icon in settings not aligned. So to remove the border make sure that in iThemer settings the switch for “remove settings icon border” is on.

Issue 2:

For the 2nd issue you need to ssh with Filza to the modded Settings.plist and change the height value from 387 to 350 (you can play with the value until the icon is perfectly aligned)

Credits for this mod goes to: 

Dr M. From Twitter